24x18 oil on canvas


Nora Anthony is one of Taos's most treasured artists. Her work is most often a representation of what she sees in or out of her second-story studio window. Her uncomplicated compositions and choice of simple subjects make her work extremely timeless and accesible. Her classical training and decades of practice come through seemlessly in her work.


This is the third time Nora Anthony has been featured at magpie. Each time I am more enamored with her style and choice of subject.


Now in her eighties, Anthony says of these four paintings, "Fascination and delight in color are my drive. Simple images reflect a search for beauty. What is beauty? How do we share it?"


Anthony answers these questions for herself through her painting and the audience receives the benefit of her well-honed skill and incisive observation translated into her distinctive style. These are questions often asked, especially by artists, and especially lately, as the world feels overwhelmingly dark and chaotic. Artists have the opportunity, if they are inclined, to brighten a room and a spirit and these paintings do just that.

Blue Iris