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11x14, 18.5x21.5 framed color pencil


Reina's strong compositions in color pencil unfold a landscape of blazing mountains and eroded hills set against azure blue sky. Her vivid colors cut the edge between reality and fantasy, capturing the timelessness of the desert with her unique portrayal of the Southwest's earth, sky, animals and spirit.

Born in Austin, Texas in 1952, Reina's childhood was full of art classes and encouragement. She studied at the University of Texas in Austin before moving to Los Angeles to study at the Feminist Studio Workshop, designed by Judy Chicago to translate emotional experience into art. Reina began to explore her inner world with color pencil and over the years has developed a truly recognizable style.

Since 1979, Reina has made her home in the countryside outside of Taos, New Mexico. Surrounded by deep canyons, rocky cliffs and high mesas, much of her inspiration and personal strength comes from this landscape.

Enchanted Autumn

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