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20x26 framed oil on canvas


Artist Statement:

My work investigates the great vistas of the land, sky and buildings of New Mexico, which to me have profound human character. Their shapes are dramatic and organic; they have weight and density; they are uniquely New Mexico. By looking for what is true and expressive, not necessarily what is “real,” I hope to convey to the viewer a sense of New Mexico’s calming influence. A sense of Time Standing Still. A time that has passed – but is not yet gone.


Through my use of stylized imagery and colors, I strive to create uniquely contemporary paintings that communicate what I love about living in Taos. Every day here I experience a visual joy, even when I don’t leave my house, that makes me stop what I am doing and just take it in. The skies really are that blue. The clouds really are that unique. The mountains really do jump out of the flat land. And the round hills dotted with sagebrush bushes are everywhere.


While I use my own photographs as source material, particularly for the cloud paintings, many of my landscapes are created from my own visual memory file. Those paintings are true to the way things are, without being literal translations of a specific view. They are almost super-real in their powerful clarity, compositional directness and intense color palette. My goal is to create an image that captures and holds a moment in time that is simultaneously compelling and soothing for the viewer.

Hills #14, North of Española

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