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54x40, mm/acrylic on loose hanging canvas


"I think of my paintings as poems, evoking a mood, a memory, a dream, that is too magical to be captured in any literal way".


Kindley’s “painted tapestries”: un-stretched canvas paintings, with rustic frayed edges, designed to hang from a hidden dowel. They are like moveable murals; paintings that feel more softly integrated with the wall, and, because of their size, immerse the viewer in their world.


Kindley presently resides in Truchas and, although the landscape of this Northern New Mexico mountain village is unlike anywhere she has lived before, the influence of nature, the dramatic changes and colors of the seasons, the quiet and rural simplicity inspires her work.Inspired by the frescoes and fairytales of old Europe, Lisa began creating her painted canvas dreamscapes in 2010. Both romantic and ethereal in feeling, they evolved naturally from her prior years of experience, beginning in 2000, painting murals and decorative finishes for homes. Working mostly large-scale, her paintings become a "glimpse of serenity" that invites the viewer to wander into a timeless world...quiet and lushly overgrown, like a forgotten garden, or a place yet to be discovered.


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