11x14 oil on canvas, solid wood espresso frame


This is the perfect spring show! While we patiently wait for springtime to bring its glory to the Rockies, viewers are invited to soak up these vibrant New Mexico landscapes from Buchanan.


I met Kirk and his wife Mindy at magpie in 2016 where they became regular customers and we became fast friends. 


I am excited to feature this special collection.


Kirk Buchanan paints what he feels and spreads joy by doing so.  He's been known to add a happy little tree or two or extra pink and purple flecks of happiness to his paintings.

Buchanan's deep appreciation for Vincent Van Gogh has an ongoing influence on his approach. Buchanan says it's not just what Van Gogh painted, or even how he painted, but more about the way he saw the beauty in the world around him.

"If Van Gogh had ever come to Taos, he would have

painted it over and over and over again."

Buchanan often paints on the back patio of his Taos home, facing the sacred mountain’s Pueblo Peak. Inspired by the reds, pinks and purples of the hollyhocks in spring, viridian bluegreen of the sagebrush in summer, deep yellows and golds of the aspens and cottonwoods in fall to the stark whites, blues, and greys of winter, Buchanan's soul is stirred by the call of these sacred mountains and that extasy translates into this collection of richly beautiful paintings.

Snowy Solstice