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32.5x26.5 mixed media on paper, framed


From the collection of Larry and Lisa Singer


Gersh (1943-1994) worked in many styles and mediums with an intensity and expressionistic quality that truly defined his subjects. Whether assemblage, painting, drawing, printmaking, or an amalgamation of them all, Gersh managed to have an easily discernible style.Many of his iconic works are derived from this time period. 


Former Questa resident and collector Singer says of this time, "Bill landed in an industrial loft in the midst of the lower West Side meatpacking district. It was a rough and tumble neighborhood, but Bill held out for survival. Most of my Gersh collection is from this New York period of 1983-84. A favorite spot for me was the Reggae Lounge. I'd visit Bill after a day at the office, check out the pieces he was working on, and we'd head over and dance to whatever the reggae DJ was spinning." Georgia said several pieces in the Singer collection were influenced by this comical duo of white Jewish boys dancing in New York.


Bill Gersh American Artist, 1943-1994. Born in Charleston, SC and grew up in Kerhonkson, NY. Artist movement-surrealism, cubism, abstract expressionism. He was known as "Wild Bill Gersh" and the "Outlaw Artist". Gersh artworks portray not so much storylines as psychological states the late artist Bill Gersh always struck me as the example par excellence of the sort of urban-New Mexico-cowboy/outcast/modernist artist for which this neighborhood, at one time, was notorious. He worked in paint, sculpture and collages in a style of art known as outlaw modernism. He is included worldwide in prominent private and museum collections.


One of my favorite interviews with Bill Gersh:

China Box 1982

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