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16x20 framed acrylic on canvas


With this charming Folk Art series, Dirk Herrman personifies the historic homes and churches of our region, bringing them to life on the canvas with vivid colors and movement. His stylized imagery creates a lighthearted nostalgia for a simpler time in Northern New Mexico. While Herrman doesn't paint people into the scene, the viewer senses that the buildings are full of life. One can imagine their inhabitants working in the yard, sitting down to dinner, getting ready for bed, or joining family and friends for worship; the villagers are there as they have been for hundreds of years. 


Best known for his Time Standing Still series of graphic, iconic blue-sky landscapes in oil, this series in acrylic shows a more playful side of Herrman’s creative talent.


Dirk Herrman lives in the village of Valdez, just north of Taos. His paintings have been exhibited widely, including Chicago, Washington DC, Canada, and New Mexico.


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