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10x8 paper, acrylic paint/ink

Reverse glass painting, (Double pane)


Originally from the small town of Paducah, TX in the bottom of the panhandle where she says there is lots of sky and not a lot of people, Bethany RIchards, MD is a Santa Fe based doctor by day and artist by daydream who's love for nature began under the endless sky and rolling plains of her family's ranch. She attended art school at the College of Santa Fe where she became entrapped in the wonder of the high desert. After a drastic career change over to medicine, she has returned to Santa Fe to practice as a hospitalist doctor and begin her career as an artist. Her most recent artwork uses a reverse glass painting technique to capture the mystic wonder of Northern New Mexico, where layers of acrylic paint are applied to the back surface of the glass in reverse order, starting with the details and ending with the background tones for depth. Endearingly obsessed with clouds, Richard's work is remarkably original, yet reminiscent of vintage National Park posters, each landscape vividly enhanced.

Paper Desert

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