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pastel on paper, 12x9 (18x15 beautifully framed with museum glass)

What I most love about Joan's work is her choice of view. I have watched her work en Plein Air and what she chooses to focus on is always a surprise. Joan's sense of composition and light is intuitively perfect, offering the viewer not only a calm beauty, but a nostalgia for the beauty of the natural world. From the Artist: "I am drawn to paint the startling beauty of the world that surrounds us. In the midst of all that life presents, what matters most to me is to paint the land and in doing so to find calm for myself and my viewers. I am pulled to those places which possess not only an inherent grace, but also evoke what feels like a connection or an unconscious memory... forest, mountains, rivers, my neighbor's garden, a flowering shrub." These are timeless works that speak to a wide and diverse audience.

Prairie Coneflower

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