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5x7x2 photograph with encaustic, mounted on cradle board



I want the viewer of my work to feel transported to a timeless natural world where beauty and hope transcend the routine of day-to-day life. I firmly believe that in these uncertain times of chaos and upheaval—where anger and fear prevail—art that opens us up to connection and empathy while adding a little beauty to our lives is needed more than ever. Creating art, especially in the time of Corona, helps me recover a sensation of life and vitality in the midst of feelings of hopelessness that come and go.



Nina Anthony spent her formative years living in Japan and Thailand before moving to the States not long after the start of Vietnam War. She was a curious child who enjoyed climbing trees, collecting rocks, ice skating on creeks, exploring abandoned houses, and gathering up bouquets of weeds to bring home to her mother after returning from her excursions in nature.

After graduating from high school in Indianapolis, she attended Indian