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36x36 acrylic on canvas


Wolf is what I would call a painter’s painter, but he’s not about to make a big deal of it. At the ripe age of eighty, he paints when he feels it, hours at a time and sometimes days in between. A Taos resident for over twenty years, Wolf has been surprisingly underrepresented in Taos. I consider him to be one of our Artist colony's best kept secrets.


As an action painter, Wolf has a strong art foundation, he carries in his gestural strokes the influence of such abstract expressionists as Rauschenberg, Hoffman, Kline and De Kooning. Wolf’s paintings are beautifully suggestive. Although Wolf’s work is obviously affected by his emotions and perspective at the time, (listening to The Killers, Rare Earth, The Stones and Patti Smith) his process and the end result are completely lacking of pretense and left to the viewer to interpret.


Wolf says, “My painting is an engagement of paint and canvas. Intuition is the thing. It’s spontaneous, never calculated. Paint strokes, marks, drips, charcoal and torn paper hit the canvas. The painting becomes a vehicle and I take it for a ride. It’s not an intellectual process.” 


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